October 24, 2009

This kid is certainly hard to get a picture of!  Heaps of fun though & the giggling is contagious!


No photos…

October 17, 2009

yet, I’ve been fighting a cold all week, and knowing where it came from & how sick they were, I didn’t want to pass that to any of them with a wee babe in the house…feeling like I’ve won, so will organise some time to go take baby pictures!!
There are loads of challenges over at the Tart – would be great to see some faces playing along…I scraplifted this one, goodness knows with my lack of oompf right now, it’s the only way I can get anything done!  (I can’t find the original layout to give credit!!)



I love those dogs – too cute!

I have finally pulled my head in and I talked with my Dr last week – he has referred me onto a head Dr, and I’ve got my first appointment on Monday morning *gulp*  I’m pleased and freaking all in the same deal, so much to talk through & deal with, but I need to sort myself – I need to get ontop of the depression & get my life back!!

I have a

October 4, 2009

photo shoot!  I’m really looking forward to it too – four week old baby girl & her bursting with pride big sister – I’m a little nervous – no, I’m a LOT nervous, but excited all in one hit. Haven’t done a newborn since Indee!!  Hopefully I’ll remember all I need to, have a co-operative baby & score some awesome shots.  I’ve been noting down some poses I would like to try out…this one, which was on Becky Higgin’s website is one I’d love to get!


So hopefully, over the next few days, I’ll be posting some here!  Yipee!!

Rain, rain, go away…

September 28, 2009

normally, I don’t mind the rain, but I’m kinda over it now – I’ve lost count on how many days in a row it’s been raining – but I’ve still gone and walked.!
Not been up to much – have scrapped a little – we’re on the final round of the circle journal at Crafty Tart & I’ve loved every album that’s come through – so fun!
I’ve scrapped a little, but I can’t share – I submitted it to Up2Scrap & it got accepted LOL!!  Totally didn’t expect that, but yay!   It’ll be in the next issue!

Life continues – Molly is living with Craig, so it’s giving me a chance to find ‘me’ & chill a little.  I see her everyday with school (gotta do the hair!) and she’s been for a few sleepovers, which have been fun!
I’ve got my application for Aorangi Polytech – hopefully I’ll be back at school next year doing a certificate in digital photography!  Better buy a new backpack and lunchbox LOL!!

I’m trying to think of ideas for Christmas gifts – so if you know of any – leave a comment!  I’m doing it cheap this year!

I’m having some fun

July 21, 2009

with photoshop – I seem to be getting my groove back a bit…let’s hope it continues & flows into the scrapping side too!!
Lynne had Casey yesterday afternoon, so I grabbed the opportunity to catch up with the girls – don’t see so much of Casey now that she’s at kindy!  Her & Charlotte played so nicely together, hardly any dramas!

I really, really need to sit down one day & just focus on photoshop & really learn how to drive it…I’ve got a few photos that look like they aren’t much & I’m sure with some tweaking and fiddling, they’ll be great!!  I’m also going to start taking my camera everywhere again – I’ve got out of the habit & I’ve missed loads of opportunities!!  (ooooh, which reminds me – I’m going to hang out with Indee this arvo, camera in hand!)

Don’t forget to go sign up for the Innovation Competition – nothing too difficult or scary!!  Just fun & prizes!!

Head on over to Crafty Tart I’ve set a challenge for the week – inspired by Lynne’s latest shopping spree for Miss Charlotte – I fell in love with her top!!

It’s just the cutest, and look gorgeous with her denim jeans with stitched rainbows, oh to have a little one again, LOL!!

We’ve cooked up another competition!  Great fun, starting up on the 24th July, check out the forum for some more details & to sign up – would be great to see some more faces in there!!

I haven’t been doing much scrapping – I had a blast with the kit from Paper Pesto

I should really be working on the kit from Crafty Tart (or the cards, circle journal, product showcase, and an inspiration challenge for those that will be around this weekend!!).  I’ve just finished cleaning the floors, have washing drying in the dryer AND on the line, more towels to go out & I’ve given up making my bed while Molly is home, I made it 4 times yesterday LOL!

We had shows last weekend, Boston did fairly well – no challenges this weekend, but he did well regardless – T’K shows him so well & they qualified for YKC, so now to get her to Wellington next year for the Nationals LOL.  He’s not my favourite dog right now – he really dislikes getting his feet wet (not really that great when we live in Dunedin, LOL!) and has taken to doing his business in the conservatory…grrrr

Right, off to play with my kit for a while, remember to check out the forum for a challenge for the weekend & the sketch & technique challenge that is running now!!