mondays musings

June 27, 2011

i give up with promising myself  to write more often!  i must have the shitest memory ever.  i think that i might just have tipped myself over the edge into insanity..finally i have found a new house!  i am in two camps…one i’m deliriously happy & i can’t freaking wait!  but then there is the other me…the but you have so much to do…look at allllll of this crap that surrounds you.  and then you have assignments that are due on the day you go back to school…in three weeks, and you want to move in two weeks….really?  why am i doing this to myself?! lol  but i am mainly excited and can wait to see this place empty…i  locked the door tonight and thought now there is a limit to the time left here!  the move will be good for my head…a new chapter.

photo wise…school work mainly…though i did have the pleasure & privilege to take some pictures of wee felix…oh my..he is the most adorable baby ever…i’m tempted to steal him.

it’s massive…sorry..but it’s my favourite image right now and i could look at that wee mans face forever!

i’m watching children cooking better than me….mind you, that isn’t hard to achieve…but really, these kids can cook!  i’m going to finish watching it



ha…and i thought

May 21, 2011

that i could keep up with blogging…just like i thought i would do project 365 – yeah, well there is always next year!

I’m back at Aoraki..and just loving it, i’m almost dreading the year being over already!  Ange, Tash & I went into the studio to have a refresh with the lights, and light meter…a new one, which didn’t really make it easier!  featuring penelope (the giraffe) and friend on the light table!

i feel very lucky to have been asked to peer teach & i’m looking forward to getting to know sylvia!  i’m hoping to take the 50mm off to meet felix tomorrow….i can’t believe how adorable he is! i should know in about 2 minutes! lol…a txt conversation is in progress!

i’m waiting to hear about a house…it’s kinda perfect & i’m a little desperate to get out of here…the power loss was my last’s falling down & i don’t know if i like the fire risk!  yeeha! i’m off to have coffee with chris & sam, and introduce the 50mm to felix!  exciting!  (i’m thinking exhibition & NZIPP work!)  I have my fingers crossed for this house…and it has a dishwasher!  t’k made me chuckle when i told her…her response was ‘yay, i won’t have to do dishes again!”  uh, princess, when was the last time you DID the dishes??  lol!   lets hope that i remember to update eh?

January 1st, 2011

January 1, 2011

A new year…again!  It’s a little scary how quickly the years roll by!
I have a few goals this year…the traditional, loose weight, eat healthy… I also want to follow through the photo a day, and not loose interest in mid-february…learning by doing and all that!  And watching Vicky Gibsons gorgeous album over the year has been amazing…such a documentation!  So I’ll either post here, or facebook…perhaps both.  I plan to use this now for more photography, with the odd splash of other things…scrapping has really taken a back seat for me…maybe depending on how many people stumble back, I can start sharing some of my learning, and sharing how the camera ticks! I’m off for a cat feeding stint…check back later for todays photo!

It’s been a while…a real LONG while, but I thought I’d dust this place off a bit and start getting things out of my head!

School is going really well – I’m loving (almost) every minute!  I’ve learnt so  much so far (..goodness knows the supermarket does well with my paracetamol purchases!!) and look forward to learning heaps more!
This term we have lots on – Frank has set us weekly photography assignments, last weeks was breakfast cereal & this week is clothing – the brief reads…
A large clothing retailer requires a photograph for an in-store ‘point of sale’ poster.  The photograph should be aimed at the youth market with the emphasis on ‘lifestyle’.  The shot must have a point of view of 45 degrees to the subject.  Use should be made of selective focus to highlight detail and product identification.
I’m thinking hard!!  While we have these weekly assessments, we also have Jacque Gilbert teaching us about Subject Elements and compostition and each week we have one ‘element’ to concentrate on, last week was Pattern & Rhythm (and my favourite was this)
This week we’re looking at texture, which includes, Large scale texture, Abstract texture, Facial texture, Natural texture, human texture & related texture.  We have a weekly field trip on Fridays to (hopefully) achieve this, but can also use prior work, or go do extra photos….the letterboxes wasn’t on our field trip, we went to the chinese gardens last week, which is full of pattern, but I was stuck in the over-thinking mode!!!

Would love to know if anyone’s reading!

A New Year

January 2, 2010

and it’s going to be WAY better than 2009 – I’m really pleased to see the a-end of 2009!!  2010 is going to be MY year!  I’m hanging out until the 15th of February –  9am, baby!!  I can’t wait to get this course going!

I had a photo shoot just before Christmas – a woman from the medical school that Mum knows wanted pictures of her daughter – got a quote from a local photographer (don’t know who) and they quoted her $2000!!  So Mum mentioned me, and I sent her a link to a flickr gallery & she said YUP!  So I spent a few hours hanging out with her adorable daughter, Paige and was thrilled at the results

She was so much fun & it gave me that little bit of edge, that maybe I can just pull this off!

Lynne’s been taking pictures of the girls – and there are some stunning shots (makes me wish I was stalking them with my camera instead of working!!)
But she sent me one last night & I had a late night fiddle in photoshop..

I love this place, I spend so much time on the site itself, let alone bouncing from blog to blog!

This is the first week I’ve submitted though – lil’ miss Indee, way back then…though this is one of my all time favourite sleeping pictures.

yay me

November 12, 2009

I had an interview with Frank Pawluk on Wednesday,  I’d applied for the Certificate in Digital Photography at Aoraki Polytech.  I had to create a CV (um, yeah, how many years of doing NOTHING? LOL), and a portfolio of my work to take to the interview.  Both achieved (though after all my sweating, he didn’t even look at my CV!).  He opened my portfolio, and I held my breath…as he turned pages he made comments, about framing & shadows, and how engaged the subjects were…he closed the book, looked at me and said ‘you have a gift’ he then patted my book and said ‘you’ll make lots of money…lots” LOL  ah, how does a girl like to hear those words!!  We chatted some more about life & what I wanted from the course, and he finished (after about 45 minutes!) by saying, “I have no hesitation about accepting you on the spot, you’ll be an asset to the course”  Um, hello??  Me??  I was so relieved, floored, shocked – everything, but most of all – stoked!! My dream has potential to be a reality!  But then, this morning as I looked up Frank, I discovered how talented he is & about his career & now I’m humbled to have had the compliments about my work!!
I can’t wait til February!!