mondays musings

June 27, 2011

i give up with promising myself  to write more often!  i must have the shitest memory ever.  i think that i might just have tipped myself over the edge into insanity..finally i have found a new house!  i am in two camps…one i’m deliriously happy & i can’t freaking wait!  but then there is the other me…the but you have so much to do…look at allllll of this crap that surrounds you.  and then you have assignments that are due on the day you go back to school…in three weeks, and you want to move in two weeks….really?  why am i doing this to myself?! lol  but i am mainly excited and can wait to see this place empty…i  locked the door tonight and thought now there is a limit to the time left here!  the move will be good for my head…a new chapter.

photo wise…school work mainly…though i did have the pleasure & privilege to take some pictures of wee felix…oh my..he is the most adorable baby ever…i’m tempted to steal him.

it’s massive…sorry..but it’s my favourite image right now and i could look at that wee mans face forever!

i’m watching children cooking better than me….mind you, that isn’t hard to achieve…but really, these kids can cook!  i’m going to finish watching it



One Response to “mondays musings”

  1. lynne1 Says:

    friggin ya girl on finding a new house…woohoo. Give me a yell. I can help! And that photo is gorgeous

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