ha…and i thought

May 21, 2011

that i could keep up with blogging…just like i thought i would do project 365 – yeah, well there is always next year!

I’m back at Aoraki..and just loving it, i’m almost dreading the year being over already!  Ange, Tash & I went into the studio to have a refresh with the lights, and light meter…a new one, which didn’t really make it easier!  featuring penelope (the giraffe) and friend on the light table!

i feel very lucky to have been asked to peer teach & i’m looking forward to getting to know sylvia!  i’m hoping to take the 50mm off to meet felix tomorrow….i can’t believe how adorable he is! i should know in about 2 minutes! lol…a txt conversation is in progress!

i’m waiting to hear about a house…it’s kinda perfect & i’m a little desperate to get out of here…the power loss was my last straw..it’s falling down & i don’t know if i like the fire risk!  yeeha! i’m off to have coffee with chris & sam, and introduce the 50mm to felix!  exciting!  (i’m thinking exhibition & NZIPP work!)  I have my fingers crossed for this house…and it has a dishwasher!  t’k made me chuckle when i told her…her response was ‘yay, i won’t have to do dishes again!”  uh, princess, when was the last time you DID the dishes??  lol!   lets hope that i remember to update eh?


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