*tap tap*…is this thing on?

May 13, 2010

It’s been a while…a real LONG while, but I thought I’d dust this place off a bit and start getting things out of my head!

School is going really well – I’m loving (almost) every minute!  I’ve learnt so  much so far (..goodness knows the supermarket does well with my paracetamol purchases!!) and look forward to learning heaps more!
This term we have lots on – Frank has set us weekly photography assignments, last weeks was breakfast cereal & this week is clothing – the brief reads…
A large clothing retailer requires a photograph for an in-store ‘point of sale’ poster.  The photograph should be aimed at the youth market with the emphasis on ‘lifestyle’.  The shot must have a point of view of 45 degrees to the subject.  Use should be made of selective focus to highlight detail and product identification.
I’m thinking hard!!  While we have these weekly assessments, we also have Jacque Gilbert teaching us about Subject Elements and compostition and each week we have one ‘element’ to concentrate on, last week was Pattern & Rhythm (and my favourite was this)
This week we’re looking at texture, which includes, Large scale texture, Abstract texture, Facial texture, Natural texture, human texture & related texture.  We have a weekly field trip on Fridays to (hopefully) achieve this, but can also use prior work, or go do extra photos….the letterboxes wasn’t on our field trip, we went to the chinese gardens last week, which is full of pattern, but I was stuck in the over-thinking mode!!!

Would love to know if anyone’s reading!


3 Responses to “*tap tap*…is this thing on?”

  1. Angela Says:

    Nice to hear from you, eeek, those assignments sound interesting, although in a fun way.

    Pleased you are enjoying it………

  2. lynne1 Says:

    OMG you are alive on your blog. 😛 LOL at pamol purchases. Love that photo too…it rocks

  3. Liddy Says:

    Sounds like it’s a really interesting course…(most of the time), I understand about the “overthinking” LOL! So glad you are getting to do something like this…go you!

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