A New Year

January 2, 2010

and it’s going to be WAY better than 2009 – I’m really pleased to see the a-end of 2009!!  2010 is going to be MY year!  I’m hanging out until the 15th of February –  9am, baby!!  I can’t wait to get this course going!

I had a photo shoot just before Christmas – a woman from the medical school that Mum knows wanted pictures of her daughter – got a quote from a local photographer (don’t know who) and they quoted her $2000!!  So Mum mentioned me, and I sent her a link to a flickr gallery & she said YUP!  So I spent a few hours hanging out with her adorable daughter, Paige and was thrilled at the results

She was so much fun & it gave me that little bit of edge, that maybe I can just pull this off!

Lynne’s been taking pictures of the girls – and there are some stunning shots (makes me wish I was stalking them with my camera instead of working!!)
But she sent me one last night & I had a late night fiddle in photoshop..


One Response to “A New Year”

  1. Liddy Says:

    Gorgeous photos Dallas, so cool to see you are on your way! Hope the kitties your feeding are appreciating your visits. You are not visiting 15 Font Street are you????

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